About Us

We proudly supply the academic community at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University with textbooks, supplies and tools for the mind.

We have adhered closely to our mission of providing goods and services at the lowest possible prices consistent with sound business policy. Its diverse selection of books, collegiate clothing and supplies reflects the wide variety of backgrounds and interests that make CSB/SJU a world-class institution.

CSB/SJU Bookstore Mission Statement

Our mission is to support the institutional missions of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University by providing superior service and products to all customers as an expression of the Benedictine value of a love for learning. We accomplish this with professional, well-trained staff and the best available technology and business practices.


Front Row, left to right: Chris, Hailey

Second Row, left to right:  Tina

Third Row, left to right:  Jessica, Molly

Back Row, left to right: Julie, Kari

 Bookstore Staff:

Tina Streit  -Director     320-363-5165

Chris Sales  -Assistant Director, SJU Student Supervisor, marketing       320-363-2496      

Kari Harren  -CSB Student Supervisor, CSB Graduation buyer, marketing        320-363-5510

Molly Posch  -SJU Merchandise Coordinator, SJU Graduation and general gifts buyer      320-363-2495

Jessica Rausch -SJU Merchandise Buyer      320-363-2495

Julie Sorteberg  -CSB Clothing and logo gifts Buyer, CSB general gifts buyer   320-363-5127

Hailey Wimmer - Convenience Store Corrdinator and Cashier  320-363-3553