Reunion 2018 FAQ

Reunion 2018



Q: What is included with the registration fee?

A: A lot goes in to hosting a reunion worthy of your time and excitement. The registration fee helps Saint Ben's and Saint John's offset some of the costs for the large and small things that make the weekend an amazing experience.

Q: Is the registration fee (and other Reunion 2018 fees for meals and housing) refundable?

A:  Meals and housing can be refunded before midnight on June 21. Once the reunion weekend begins, we are not able to provide refunds. The registration fee is not refundable. 

Q: Who can attend reunion with me?

A: As long as you are a Bennie or Johnnie celebrating your reunion year (3s and 8s), you are welcome to have guests accompany you to Reunion 2018. Spouses, family members and Bennie/Johnnie classmates from any year are welcome to register with you.

Q: If I can only make Reunion 2018 for one event or one meal, do I have to pay the registration fee?

A: Yes, all guests attending Reunion 2018 events and/or meals are required to pay a registration fee. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Anne Sumangil at or 320-363-5815 (CSB) or Adam Herbst at or 320-363-3819 (SJU).

Q: Do I have to register for everything or can I pay as I go?

A: To help us best prepare for reunion, we encourage all alums and guests to register for everything prior to Reunion 2018. Also, meals purchased in advance are $5 less than meals purchased on campus!

Q: Is Reunion 2018 pet friendly?

A: No, the campuses do not allow pets. However, service animals as prescribed by ADA, are welcome.

Q: When I arrive to check-in reunion weekend, which campus do I go to (CSB or SJU)?

A: We ask that all attendees check-in at the campus where they signed-up for housing. If you did not sign-up for housing during reunion weekend, you can check-in at either campus.


Q: If I am part of a couple coming to Reunion 2018 and we only want one bed, do we still have to pay per person?

A: When you purchase housing you are purchasing a bed. You are welcome to share a bed, but please note that the only beds available in the residence halls are twin beds. 

Q: My friends and I only need housing, and we are not going to any of the meals or activities. Do we have to pay the registration fee?

A: Yes. All alums and guests are required to pay a registration fee.

Q: Can four couples (eight people) stay in a quad and only pay for four beds?

A: Reunion 2018 housing is per bed. If eight people wish to share four beds, they need only buy four beds. However, each guest would need to register for reunion and pay the registration fee.

Q: Can I bring an air mattress and just sleep on someone's floor?

A: You can bring an air mattress if that is your preference. There is no housing cost for sleeping on an air mattress on a friend's floor. However, the registration fee would still apply.

Q: Is there separate housing for families and if so, where?

A: Yes, family housing is available upon request. At Saint John's you may select any housing and bring your family. At Saint Ben's family/mixed-gender housing is located in the West Apartments.

Q: What is included in the rooms?

A: You can find a full list of amenities on our housing web page.

Q: Can I pick where I want to stay?

A: Housing assignments have been predetermined and are designated by class year. Reunion guests can select the type of room they prefer, such as a single occupancy room, double, triple, etc., and if they need family or mixed-gender housing. If you are registering a group of fellow alums in different class years, you will be able to select from their housing options (as well as your own) so you can stay together.


Q: What classes will be offered at Alum College?

A: Both Saint Ben's and Saint John's will offer a selection of Alum College sessions. More details regarding the sessions to come.

Q: What is the CSB Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony and are guests allowed?

A: The Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony celebrates our 21,000 alumnae and their impact around the world. We will hear three inspiring stories from this year's award winners. Wear your cocktail attire and prepare to be awe-struck!

We welcome all guests who accompany Bennies who are celebrating their reunion year and who are registered for Reunion 2018. Guests must be registered with the Bennie and have purchased a ticket for the event.

Q: What is the SJU All-Class Dinner and are guests allowed?

A: The Saturday evening SJU class dinners are an opportunity for alumni and their guests to have a meal together, catch up and enjoy a brief program celebrating the class accomplishments. For the 20th-50th classes, a presentation of the Alumni Achievement Awards will also happen at these dinners.

Guest are always welcome to this event! Guests must be registered for Reunion 2018 and purchase a ticket.

Q: Can I cancel or add meals once I am at Reunion 2018?

A: Upon arriving at Reunion 2018, all meals are non-refundable. All other meals can be added once you are at reunion, but all attendees are required to pay the registration fee.

Q: Will there be transportation between the two campuses?

A: Yes. Transportation between Saint Ben's and Saint John's will be available throughout Reunion 2018 via the Link. Bus schedule information to come.

Q: Is there a dress code for Reunion 2018?

A: We recommend comfortable, casual summer attire. If you are attending the CSB Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony, please bring cocktail attire.


If you have any remaining questions, please contact the CSB Alumnae Office at or 320-363-5682 or Leila Utsch in the SJU Alumni Office at or 320-363-3654.