Accounting & Finance

Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The Accounting and Finance Department’s mission is to educate accountants and finance professionals who are prepared for a dynamic and changing world. The mission encompasses six key learning goals for our students:

Outcome 1

Technical knowledge
Students will demonstrate proficiency in the application of accounting and finance principles and procedures through the study and use of underlying conceptual standards, policies and accepted practices.

Outcome 2

Research and data analysis, including leveraging technology
Students will demonstrate their competence in accounting and finance research and data analysis by gathering financial data and leveraging available resources and technology.

Outcome 3

Critical thinking     
Students will show a strong ability to think critically about accounting, finance and business issues and make solid assessments and recommendations based on that analysis.

Outcome 4

Oral and written communication
Students will demonstrate competence in presenting effective written and oral analysis of business issues, including the ability to consider their audience.

Outcome 5

Interpersonal and teamwork skills
Students will demonstrate the interpersonal skills necessary to function effectively in the workplace, demonstrating effective social behavior in a variety of settings, inspiring group cooperation and support, and making and keeping commitments to others.

Outcome 6

Technology proficiency
Students will demonstrate effective utilization of technology in their analyses of accounting, finance and business issues.

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