Program Review and Annual Reports

What is program review?

Program review is a cyclical process for evaluating and continuously enhancing the quality of academic, co-academic, and co-curricular programs. All programs at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University conduct in-depth reviews every ten years with the option of a mid-cycle review at year 5. Programs with specialized accreditation use those processes to promote programmatic improvement in lieu of the college/university process.

Regular program review is a required element for Higher Learning Commission regional accreditation because of its important role in assuring programs are meeting the needs of current and future students. Other potential benefits include:

  • Refining program goals and student learning outcomes;
  • Redesigning or creating new curricula to improve student learning and reflect the latest developments in the discipline;
  • Recalibrating the program’s assessment plan;
  • Improving the program’s ability to attract, retain, and serve students well;
  • Revising the staffing plan to meet the needs of the students and curriculum; and,
  • Identifying gaps and attending to current program issues, such as diversity and inclusion, professional development, mentoring, resources, and so forth.

How does CSB/SJU conduct program review?

Programs undergoing review are provided a comprehensive Program Review Guidebook at the onset of the program review. The Program Review Guidebook is updated annually. Please contact OAAE to obtain the most current version of the Guidebook.

What are the annual reporting requirements?

The use of Taskstream has simplified annual reporting for programs. All programs should plan to update their assessment plans regularly. In addition, programs should provide an update to their Action Plans generated by Program Review.

Assessment Plan Updates

Programs should go into Taskstream and update program mission, goals, outcomes, and assessment plans at least annually. Then, programs need to add assessment results and improvements made based on those results. Reports will be pulled by OAAE each summer from Taskstream to monitor and support the work of each program.

Program Review Action Plan

Programs should go into Taskstream and update their Program Review Action Plans in the corresponding “Action Plan Report” section of Taskstream annually by May 31. These action plan reports will be pulled by OAAE each summer from Taskstream and provided to Academic Affairs to monitor and support the work of each program.