Funding for Travel & Research

Academic Travel Fund

Full-time faculty members are eligible for up to $1750 in funding available each academic year. The Academic Travel Fund is managed through the Dean of the Faculty in Academic Affairs. Faculty members submit one application through Forms Manager (Academic Travel Fund Request) and reviewed and approved by the department chair, Academic Affairs staff, and the Dean of the Faculty. Academic Affairs processes requests on a rolling basis, and colleagues may submit multiple reimbursement requests each academic year up to the total of $1750. Should a single request exceed $1,750, the faculty member will need to apply for professional development funds through FDRC. The scope of activities covered under the Academic Travel Fund is laid out in the guidelines for Academic Travel Fund and FDRC Grants.

FDRC Grants

The Faculty Development and Research Committee (FDRC) invites proposals for Professional Development Funds, for Curriculum and Program Development funds.
Deadlines for FDRC grant proposals
For the grant period July 1, 2023-June 30, 2024
Third Call – Friday October 20, 2023
Fourth Call (if funds remain) – Friday February 2, 2024
For the grant period July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025
First Call – Friday February 2, 2024
Second Call – Friday March 22, 2024
FDRC grant proposal guidelines
Guidelines must be followed, or your proposal may be subject to rejection without review. Click here to view guidelines.
Professional Development budget template: use this if you are submitting a professional development proposal
Curriculum Development budget template: use this if you are submitting a curriculum development proposal