Chapter 1: Department Chair Calendar 


Monitor department budget expenditures
Class visits for probationary faculty
Assessment activities
Hire/mentor new faculty
Collect data for annual report
Schedule regular department meetings
Sign internship forms
Sign ILP forms
Review student course substitution requests, including summer courses
Assist Career Services with planning career programs for majors

July 1

New Chair assumes duties 


Faculty Workshop
First department meeting
Assist with drop/adds to fall classes
Receive authorization(s) to hire from vice provost


Tenure review letters due to Rank and Tenure Committees
New faculty orientation activities (sponsored by LES)
Collect course syllabi from department faculty
Write letters supporting department sabbatical requests to the Faculty Development and Research Committee  DUE approximately October 1


Write letters of support for Faculty Development grants for departmental faculty DUE approximately late October
Write letters for department faculty applying for Study Abroad Directorships
Spring registration materials/PIN numbers sent out.  Set up Department advising process
Textbook orders due
Prepare department budget request for the following year  Due in October or November


Track registration – make adjustments to class offerings (e.g. cancel low enrollment courses, request adjuncts, reassign faculty, etc.)
Letters for Third-Year Review due to Rank and Tenure Committees
Interview with Rank and Tenure Committee for tenure/promotion candidates


Meet with academic dean/registrar to discuss courses for next academic year
Recruit department faculty for First Year Seminar, Ethics courses and Honors courses
Nominations for teaching and advising awards.  DUE approximately mid-December


Receive request to submit courses for next academic year from registrar. DUE:  end of January
Write letters of recommendation for department faculty applying for FDRC grants  DUE   February
Write letters of recommendation for students applying for Study Abroad
Review “conditional” acceptances to the major for final decision


Applications for major from second semester sophomores to be processed.  DUE:  mid-February
Interviews with Rank and Tenure Committee for Third-Year Review candidates


Catalog Copy due
Meet with Rank and Tenure Committee for vice provost/chair/candidate meeting for Third Year Reviews
Academic hardware and software requests due
Review of adjunct faculty


Monitor registration for needed adjustments
Conduct site visits for internships
Textbook orders due


Sign internship proposals, ILP’s, and honors theses proposals for Fall
Arrange graduation activities (receptions for major/parents, exit interviews, etc.)
Revise departmental brochure for Admission office
Work with probationary faculty on annual review  DUE:  June 30


Requests for staffing for following year due to Offices of Academic Affairs on June 1.
Make necessary revisions/adjustments to previous year’s budget
Assist advising/admissions with summer registration for new and transfer students
Submit annual reports on probationary faculty to Offices of Academic Affairs– DUE:  June 30
Review “conditional acceptances” to the major for final decision  DUE:  mid-July.
Submmit integrated annual report, including assessment results to Office of Academic Affairs and Office of Academic Review and Curricular Advancement DUE:  June 30.
Close out departmental budget
Proof catalog copy

Last updated:  September 2013