About CSB & SJU

Virtual Tour of CSB/SJU

Experience CSB/SJU in SuperREALITY

  • Make dozens of stops across both campuses.
  • Meet CSB/SJU students and professors.
  • Stop by classes, labs, athletic events, rehearsals and more.
Tour Directions
  • The tour can be viewed using a computer, tablet, phone or VR headset.
  • Scan each scene using your computer mouse or arrow keys or by moving your phone, tablet or headset.
  • Click on hotspots or hover over hotspots to learn more or to move to a new scene.
  • Use the back button in the upper left corner of the screen to go to the previous scene.
  • Look down to find a hotspot to take you to the beginning of a specific tour or to the home screen.
  • Most scenes will stop at the end allowing you to look around more before you move along.
  • Best viewed on full screen. Just click the full screen icon in the lower right of the viewer.
  • Make sure you have your volume turned up on your device.
System Requirements

The virtual tour is viewable on most web browsers and on mobile devices with recent versions of iOS or Android operating systems. We recommend you tour via a wired internet connection or Wi-Fi. The tour can use a significant amount of data and be slower via a data connection.  Internet Explorer: Not supported.