Classroom & Lab Support

Classroom Equipment Installation

Fulfilling the many technology needs for CSB/SJU classrooms and computer labs, Instructional Technology's Classroom & A/V Support division provides equipment installation, maintenance, support and training. We provide rapid response to equipment problems in the classroom, so if you experience any technology issues in any of our classrooms and labs, please let us know right away by contacting the  IT Help Desk.


Classroom & A/V is heavily involved in all technology designs on both of our campuses. This is very important to make sure our technology is consistent in all spaces so all faculty can use our classroom spaces without interruption. To help with the consistency of our classroom technology, I.T. Services has developed classroom standards which are being implemented when rooms are upgraded. Our Classroom & Conference Standards 2019 document outlines these current standards.  If you have a design question please contacted the IT Help Desk.