Sandra Ordones '21

Advocates for Inclusive Mentoring Director

Sandra standing outside

Sandra is Junior at College of Saint Benedict. She is strudying Economics and has a minor in Sociology. Sandra is also a Intercultural Leadership Scholar. Originally from Houston, Texas, she finds value and knowledge in being emerged in a diverse community. AIM allows her to be surronded by other diverse Bennies who motivate and ecourage eachother. Sandra is also very passionate about Feminism, LGBTQ+ issues, Immigration Policies and  a range  of other issues affecting underrrepresented communities. Sandra hopes strudents view  AIM as a support system for all underrepresented Bennies on campus. Regardless of wether they are scholar or not.

Tya Gray '22

Advocates for Inclusive Mentoring Coordinator

Tya is a sophmore at College of Saint Benedict with an Independent Major. Her independent major fuses concepts of sociology, psychology and gender. As well as, a math minor with a focus in Statistics. Ty a is passionate about helping and supporting Students of Color as well as the underrepresented communities. She also supports Mental Health advocacy. Tya wants to help creat institutional resources to support students in need.