College of Saint Benedict Mission and Vision

The mission of the College of Saint Benedict is to provide for women the very best residential liberal arts education in the Catholic university tradition. The college fosters integrated learning, exceptional leadership for change and wisdom for a lifetime.

The College of Saint Benedict commits the following to its students:

A unified liberal arts curriculum, which expands the traditional knowledge base to include women's experience and promotes teaching methods that facilitate women's learning.

An integrative environment for learning, which ensures the quality of women's learning by recognizing the interdependence of women's personal and cognitive development.

An emphasis on the personal growth of women, which celebrates women and provides a culture that explicitly values women, allowing the student to see herself as a person of value.

An experience of Benedictine values grounded in a women's monastic community, which allows the student to see her gender in active church roles and enhances the student's faith and spiritual life.

The opportunity to observe and practice leadership and service so that women recognize their ability and have confidence in their power to contribute to their community and to become agents for change.

The capacity to make their place in the world and ensure success in their careers and their lives.

The College of Saint Benedict offers these mission commitments in partnership with Saint John's University-providing a laboratory where women and men can achieve new respect and genuine partnerships with one another.


Our history is characterized by a fierce belief in the power of liberal education, an engagement with the world around us, responsiveness to the needs of society, an enduring commitment to our Catholic and Benedictine Heritage, and an unwavering focus on women's development as leaders, professionals, and scholars.  We envision our future as grounded in these same commitments, and we embrace the changes and challenges impacting the world with the same courage, strength, and boldness of our foremothers.