Family Friendly Resources

This page is maintained by CSB/SJU’s Joint Faculty Senate Committee for Family Friendly Policies and Practices (FFPP). FFPP advocates for our communities on issues ranging from parental leave, access to lactation spaces, childcare, elder care, and other dependant concerns, work/life balance, and beyond. We conduct periodic surveys, communicate and collaborate with Human Resources and staff and faculty committees, and engage in conversations with members of the community about ways to make our campuses inclusive and accessible. See more info in the Faculty Handbook, section 

Family Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Faculty and staff guidelines for submitting work adjustment requests due to childcare needs are on our Child Care and Tutoring page.  The chair of the FFPP, Rachel Melis, is happy to serve as an anonymizing inquirer for anyone who wants to find out more about work adjustment or health accommodation requests before initiating a personal request.

The FFPP recognizes that you might have additional questions and concerns regarding how best to care for yourself and your family members due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We're working to provide you with relevant information and resources, but please reach out with any specific concerns. 

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